Day 7 & 8; Stress, stress, and more stress

Total Time Day 7: 40 minutes

Total Time Day 8: 15 minutes

The hardest part of doing yoga every single day for three hundred and sixty five days is remembering to blog about it every day.

I have been utterly plagued with tension headaches and it has been hard to really function to do anything at all but work and sleep. Squeezing in yoga is really the only extra thing that I’ve been doing.

This is one of the reasons why I wanted to start doing yoga every single day for a year – to help out with the headaches and migraines.

I signed up for my first yoga class of 2016 today – it’s on tuesday and it focuses on restorative techniques. Hoping I pick up some good things to take to the mat in the future.

Day 5 & 6; meditation

Total time day 5: 15 minutes 

Total time day 6: 25 minutes

I initially planned to keep using yoga as a way to feel more entune with my self and my inner voice so I’ve been focusing on using yoga as meditation. 

However, I’ve been ignoring yoga camp videos and miss the more intense yoga im used to doing so tomorrow, headache forgiving, I plan to go back into body intensive yoga.

Feeling very calm and relaxed, and that’s a perk, too. 


Day 3: migraine 

total time: 15 minutes 

15 minutes of me mostly laying on the mat and crying internally in anguish from th ferocity of my raging migraine. 

There are lots of yoga practices that help, but my head hurts too bad to try and put brain power into research. So, I’ll have to prepare when the headache is gone and update you later with yoga for migraine relief.  

I don’t regret doing yoga. It helped for a moment so I know the potential is there. The key is to keep practicing. 

And practice I will—that’s the mantra for today. 


Day 3: I create

Total Time: 13 minutes

I must begin by confessing: I haven’t done the new Yoga Camp video yet. I am about to, and then, after that my yoga time for today will up significantly. I wanted to get this blog out of the way quickly because I am pretty tired and yoga makes me so relaxed sleep is easy to fall.

Today’s mantra is: I create.

So, I set time aside and created.

It’s important to stay in tune with your self.


Hit AND Miss: 3 Ingredient Banana Pancakes

I’ve seen them on Pinterest loads of times and kept it in the back of my mind – Gluten Free, Low Cal but packed with tons of potassium and protein AND it’s a pancake recipe? It’s hard to find fault in the recipe, but it seemed, well…weird. A few days ago a friend posted a picture on Facebook of her own attempt which brought it back to my mind. This morning, as I perused my kitchen for day-off-brunch-food before I hit the grocery store, I took stock of what I had: four ripe organic bananas, cage free/hormone free brown eggs, carrots, tortillas…when it hit like magic – Banana/Egg Pancakes!

I ate them at my messy desk, where I was *diligently* working.

I ate them at my messy desk, where I was *diligently* working.

When I decided I would make them, the first thing I did was go to Pinterest and type in: 3 Ingredient Pancakes. All the results showed Bananas, but not all of them showed eggs. Some were Banana, Peanut Butter and Flour–which sounds delicious, but I have been having weird reactions to Peanuts lately I may have an allergy so it was easy to scratch off. I found what I was looking for – 1 Banana, 2 Eggs, Pinch of Cinnamon.

But no one had a recipe! Why, Pinterest, Why? I love Infographics as much as the next Pinterest Addict, but they need to give me enough information to replicate. Whatever, I thought. It’s a banana and some eggs. How hard can it be?

How wrong I was!

I started by pulling out my Magic Bullet (love it to pieces!) because I know from experience mashing bananas by hand is a pain in the bitch…y’know. I decided to go ahead and put the eggs in there, because, it seemed like a good idea. And also the hint of cinnamon. When I grabbed my cinnamon, I saw the vanilla extract and the last time I made pancakes (Banana Pecan) I used it and it was good, so I splashed a tiny bit in there, too.

See? It already looks so promising.

See? It already looks so promising.

I will say all of the above was a good idea.

My cast-iron was warmed when I was ready, so excited to start this endeavor I ladled out the first pancake. Whoa, this batter is really runny. I waited three hours minutes for the pancake to get slightly golden and flipped it with a bit of scrunching – y’know, when the pancake decides it doesn’t want to flip, so it just smooshes a bit? Scrunching was minimal so I continued. After another three hours minutes, I put it onto my Pancake-Waiting-Plate and started on Pancake Number 2.

While I waited the appropriate time for it to cook on one side – these take a lot longer to cook because of all that egg, I ate the first pancake. That’s what I do, every single time I make pancakes. I don’t even pretend that’s not what I’m doing when I pour my half-size “test pancake.” And…it tasted like scrambled eggs in a pancake. Which is great if you want scrambled eggs, but not when you’re promised Pancakes.

As the second was cooking, I grabbed another banana and Magic Bullet-ed (I made that a verb!) the second in. That was my mistake. The extra banana made the batter dense. I had three failed attempts at cooking pancakes after that – they all came out of the skillet looking like stirred eggs – a bit more intense than scrambled, the kind you make for fried rice – because they all scrunched. There was no even cooking. As soon as I slipped the spatula under a corner, it would bunch up. Eventually, I just scrambled it around and vowed to get the next one right. I didn’t.

So, I bit the bullet and dumped in half a cup of flour. I do not regret it. The last three pancakes I was able to make were golden and fluffy and delicious. I topped them with Orange Blossom honey and ate them pretty quickly. My Dog was the lucky recipient of Banana-Pancake-Scramble-Mash. He gives it 5-Stars, crumbled over dry dog food. 

After consulting the friend who posted them on facebook, I have learned that these pancakes are more of an acquired skill. Proceed with that warning! 🙂

Body Love Manifesto

1. I will not let others dictate what I can and cannot wear because the only person who has that power is me.

2. I will still love my body when others won’t.

3. I will still find my body beautiful when others don’t.

4. I will wear short skirts and not worry what my legs look like.

5. I will not hide underneath baggy clothes to mask my body because I am not ashamed of it.

6. I will not declare a “bad hair day,” because I am beautiful every day.

7. I will wear skinny jeans because I can.

8. I will look in the mirror, after I take off my makeup and still see my beauty.

9. I will not make negative comments about another person’s looks because everyone is beautiful.

10. I will determine my worth and not be influenced by outside opinions.

11. I will love my “love handles.”

12. I will always wear whatever makes me look good and most importantly, feel good.

13. I will wear whatever bathing suit makes me feel good, unapologetically.

14. I will show my body love by taking good care of my skin.

15. I will embrace my imperfections as quirks that make me unique.

16. I will love myself, inside and out, always.